Why Do Artificial Tears Make Your Eyes Dry and Painful?

It seems simple: Eyes are red, eye drops are applied, and eyes are now pain free and moist. However, frequent use of those same eye drops that cause eyes to become even more red, dry, and irritated.

Over-the-counter eye drops can actually wash away the protective oily layer on the surface of the eye. If the protective layer on the ocular surface is not present, dry eyes will persist and may even get worse. The drops that contain preservatives or used for “getting the red out” are the worst offenders.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Some common symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • Scratchy eyes
  • A gritty feeling
  • Sore or aching eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Tired eyes when reading, watching TV, or using a computer
  • Use of contact lenses
  • Excessive mucus discharge
  • Watery eyes
  • Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
  • Blurry vision
  • Foreign body sensation

Of all the dry eye symptoms, according to the Dry Eye Zone, the most common complaint for those suffering with dry eye syndrome is a burning sensation. However, there are several triggers of dry eye that seem to make dry eyes worse.

Flushing Away Good Quality Tears

When adding copious amounts of artificial tears, the oily layer of the tear film that covers and protects the eye is flushed away leading to dry eye and needing even more artificial tears. This vicious cycle can only be broken if artificial tears are stopped and the natural, protective layer is restored naturally from the inside out.

Preservatives are present in almost all dry eye drops. These preservative kill micro-organisms that may enter the bottle of drops. However, these preservatives also harm corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells in healthy eyes and damage the delicate surface of the eye.

The Best Solution

Rather than using eye drops that can exacerbate the problem of dry eye, allowing the body to naturally produce tears is the best solution. The body’s natural tear film contains oils that promote a healthy eye surface. However, if the eyes are not healthy, such as dry eyes, then they will have trouble producing enough natural tears to protect the eye.

TheraLife, a leader in chronic dry eye relief, goes directly to the source of the problem by addressing the fundamental cause of dry eyes: underactive tear secretion. By targeting the issue from the inside, TheraLife helps the body to once again naturally produce tears.

No matter the reason for dry eyes, TheraLife has a complete line of natural products that help 80% of first time users.

  • TheraLife Eye Enhanced – The unique, all-natural formula is clinically proven to promote dry eye relief through increasing intracellular metabolism, membrane permeability, and blood circulation. Combined, these three processes stimulate the tear glands allowing them to secrete natural tears.
  • TheraLife Eye Autoimmune – For those who suffer from autoimmune diseases, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves’ Disease, and other autoimmune conditions, the unique proprietary formula of TheraLife Eye provides lasting relief for dry eyes, dry mouth, joint pain, fatigue, and many other symptoms of autoimmune diseases.
  • TheraLife Menopausal Support – By supporting normal hormonal levels during menopause, dry eyes, hot flashes, night sweats, and other unpleasant menopausal symptoms are reduced. By helping the body return to a natural hormone balance, the natural formula allows women to deal with menopausal symptoms without the use of synthetic hormones.
  • Other Dry Eye Products – In addition to the natural products that help the body heal from the inside out, TheraLife offers other products to help patients with dry eye syndrome.-Omega-3 fish oil capsules – molecularly distilled for purity
    -Eye lid cleansers
    -Hot compresses

    These products can further help to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye. Keeping the eyes clean and protected allow the eyes and meibomian glands to work as intended to protect the eye surface.

If you are looking for natural dry eye relief, stop searching and try TheraLife today. The all-natural formula contains no chemicals, preservatives, or other harmful additives, only natural dry eye relief.

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