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Una Mujer Fantstica 2017

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Una Mujer Fantstica 2017

Marina, a transsexual woman who works like a moon’s pride, as a singer of a nightclub, fights for the death of her elderly guy. Somewhere in Santiago, in the foggy nightclub, the owner of a friendly, rich textile company Orlando closes his eyes. Marina, a beautiful singer and about a halfhis love in life. But unfortunately, after Marina’s birthday and Orlando’s night passion, she became seriously ill, and the next morning she died in the hospital. After her, Marina soon realized that now everything is questionable: her involvement in the death of Orlando, their unusual relationship; And, most importantly,her right to hear about her beloved lover. In the end, what is the crime of Marina; Such a vile act that will make a worthy woman honor her, her pride and, in the finale, her personality?

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