The secret to an award-winning 6 pack – Flaunt your body rather than hiding it

Who doesn’t wish to have a deeply-chiseled set of abs? While majority of the men dream to become that so-called “Dream Man” for their girls, unfortunately, not all are able to achieve their dream and turn it to reality. A deeply-chiseled set of abs is undoubtedly at the top of every M&F reader’s wish list. Most often, the simple promise of a killer midsection is the sole mental boost that people require to push through a tough workout or gulp a low-flavor meal or chew another high-protein medicine. Yet, according to a recent poll that was conducted by a fitness training company, a surprising 48% of men said that obliques and abs are the muscles that tend to slack off the most.

While it is true that diet is indeed the main factor that you need to get into that shredded look, training your abs in a regular basis is also vital. Regular abs training will not only help you obtain that magazine cover model look, but it will also boost your overall core strength thereby making you stronger on all lifts. Have a look at some of the tips that you should follow in order to achieve an award-winning 6-pack.

The ability to get ripped – What is the main mantra?

Yes, it’s true that the ability to get ripped is indeed mostly the function of diet, with some aerobic training thrown in here and there although that’s not the subject. What it takes to build the muscle that is necessary to display some great development of abs? If you get back to your gym class, you might remember that doing dozens of sit-ups in an endeavour to burn off extra fat and strengthen the stomach muscles was all that you could do. However, unfortunately most of these old school methods have off late been proved wrong.

Since the ab region is comprised of the smaller muscle groups within the body, doing endless sit-ups and crunches will burn an insufficient amount of calories in order to lean you out. Instead of this routine, you will be far better off using a routine that consists of compound exercises, especially those where the legs will be the main muscles that will be used. The reason behind this is that legs require far more energy during training as they’re the body’s largest muscle. Therefore they can burn more fat.

Training routine for abdominal exercise

Beginner level: if you’re a beginner who is about to start off with the mission of getting an award-winning ab, you have to do 1*20 ab crunches and 1*20 leg raises. Make sure you end all sets 1-2 reps before failure of muscles and take rest for one minute between each sets.

Intermediate level: For the intermediates, 1*20 ab crunches, 1*20 leg raises and 1*10 ab wheel will be sufficient. Here too, you should take at least 20-30 seconds rest between sets depending on the conditioning.

Advanced level: 1*20 reverse crunch is the best thing to do for someone in an advanced level. Lie flat on your back with your legs stretched straight in front of you. Place your hands at your side for support and then slowly bend your legs at the knees bringing them towards your chest. Once your knees reach your chest, raise your shoulders and torso as much as possible from the ground in a curling movement without lifting your back from the floor. Keep repeating this. Apart from this, you also have to do weighted side bends with dumbbell 1*20 each side.

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