The Importance of Exercise in Comprehensive Addiction Recovery

Drugs and alcohol can take a heavy toll on physical, mental, emotional, and social health. They infiltrate into many facets of everyday life, therefore treatment must also have a far-reaching effect. It should encompass many different approaches and techniques to provide clients with customized and comprehensive care that supports ongoing recovery.

One essential part of treatment is exercise. Physical activity supports both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Integrating exercise into daily routines allows clients to have a new outlet for stress and energy while keeping their body moving. Exercise offers a host of benefits:

  • Reduces Stress

Stress is a common trigger for addiction and relapse. When people feel overwhelmed, they may turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Exercise can be a great way to burn off excess energy and frustration and allow your mind and body to de-stress. You are focusing your energy into something more positive. Alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County provides clients with access to a wide range of options such as running, biking, swimming, hiking, yoga, and many other outdoor activities to unwind and stay fit. The temperate climate means beautiful weather practically year round making it an ideal location.

  • Strengthens and Tones Muscles

Drugs and alcohol can inhibit the body from absorbing enough nutrients. This can in turn affect muscles. In addition, while under the influence people may not be as physically active as they otherwise would be. Yoga can be a great way to gently stretch muscles and improve flexibility. This can help clients to shift into other types of exercise more easily. As their body gets stronger, clients will be able to feel the difference and this can be a source of motivation.

  • Boosts Mood

Exercise increases the production of endorphins which are a natural mood enhancer. Regular physical activity can help to ward off depression and give clients a more positive outlook. Rather than a high from drugs or alcohol, their body is producing it naturally without negative side effects. The year-round sunshine and warm weather at an Orange County rehab center not only supports better mood in and of itself, but also lends itself to more enjoyment of the outdoors. Spending time in nature and appreciating the peace and calm of one’s surroundings can also lift one’s spirits and support recovery.

  • Manages Weight

Alcohol is filled with empty calories and certain drugs can lead to increased appetite. This can contribute to excess weight gain during active addiction. Staying physically active can help clients to better control their weight and improve their health. Exercise is also a beneficial way to decrease cravings and help curb mindless eating. It also promotes better heart health, improved circulation, and decreased risk of other diseases.

  • Positive Distraction

Exercise can be a positive form of distraction from the temptation to use drugs or alcohol. It keeps the body and mind active and focused on something else. Scheduling time to exercise can give clients something to look forward to and also establish structure to their day. When integrated with other activities, their day will be filled with meaningful and healthy choices.

For those in recovery from addiction, exercise can be a beneficial part of treatment. It is something that clients can continue implementing throughout their lives. Southern California drug and alcohol rehab facilities are home to a wide range of options for physical activity and clients can try new things and explore their interests. From running and doing yoga on the beach to hiking on mountain trails, the opportunities are endless and health is sure to be enhanced.


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