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The Forest v0

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The Forest v0

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Title: Forest

Genre: Action, Pop, simulation, early access

Developer: Endnight Games Ltd.

Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd.

Date: May 30, 2014

About this game

As the only survivor passenger plane, you find yourself in a magical forest fight for society Cannibalistic mutant stay. Build, explore, surviveIn this terrifying first person oorlevingsgruis alpha properties. Unesiteživot, asemhalingsvereld where every tree and halamantinadtad you Explore an extensive network of caves and underground lakes. Cut down trees to build a camp or light a fire to keep warm. provide foodto keep themselves from starvation. Make a small shelter or a large bank with foreign fortress. Lai leaves and Defense maintains a secure perimeter. Discover and razvijuu during the day. Defend your base at night. Craft tools and weapons. Bunker down at night or fight directly to the enemy. Defend yourself from a groupgenetic mutant kaavaina beliefs, family, temperament and looks almost human. Use stealth to avoid enemies, or to include them directly in the crude weapons, built from sticks and stones. Ontvikkelingspadkaart noise was while in progress, or sadatreba your opinionto be better. Our vision for this game is frighteningly open a world of possibilities for games and freedoms players. We’ve come a long way, but with many more features and improvements. Here is a small example of what can be expected naminupang voegAlfa share: more animals – fish, snakes, frogs and birds. We wantthat the world really live in different napadimai hunting. There are some really cool stuff for our AI, and plans for the development and improvement in the area to explore. Over time, new areas added and retrieved. And we cave system continues to develop building item – More optionsYou can build and options available for ships, more and more items combined pakapana exciting things vesens.- As more and more in the world, unlock ipećina total alpha-drill, we also make many new fearsome creatures with certain improvements. We always wantto push what is possible so that the world is a better look, feel and run. Many fixes and interface spelmodusse, including the regime is not the enemy-cheat for players who want quieter. We find the idea of ​​co-op games in the world is very exciting and I hope that formasaradnja oculus-kloofkompatibiliteitipatupad.To make the most immersive experience possible. * Note that this will not be available in the first version alpha *

system requirements

Minimum: OS: 7Processor: Intel Core GHzMemori 4 Gb GeForce RAMGraphics 8800GTDirectKs Version: 5 GB of free spasieSondskaart: DirectX compatibleAdditionalNotes: 32bit Windows users should make sure that at least 4 GB of RAM in svomsistemi.

Recommended: OS: 7Processor: Core ProcessorMemori: 4 GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 560DirectKs Version: 5 GB of free space Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

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