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Street Fighter X Tekken

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Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter and Tekken, two of the greatest fighting games ever met in Street Fighter X Tekken, a fighting game for PC.

The result is a really good fighting game that takes aspects from both. From Street Fighter, it is necessary for the aesthetics of the latest releases. So ulicaMak Paine displayed in 2D graphicswhich are very good role models and have a cartoon look. From Tekken, it is the character and use of depth.

Shtonie really like about Max Payne the team competition, where možetekombinuju its fightersto spectacular attacks. This leads to a very entertaining fight.

Otherwise, Max Payne has a classicArcade mode and online mode that, although somewhat limited in terms of type of competition is very optimized IIT offers a phenomenal gaming experience.

After all, Max Payne is a great fighting game that is very spectacular iima achieved what seemed impossible: merging two bestsage fights in history.

Note: to download the full game, you need to have Steam installed on your computer and a valid user account.

Ifyou want to watch video, cheats and in-depth articles on Street Fighter to Tekken, visit OnGames.

Street Fighter 2 is an arcade adaptation računarčuveni 1991fighting game from Capcom.

Riu. If you are a fan of fighting games, then only the name enough to take you directly to the nostalgic world of Street Fighter. This successful series – which began in the 80s – began arcades and still beat around today on various platforms.

Street Fighter 2 adapts all the funthe second installment of the series on PC. Thatsaid, the PC game is much to be desired when compared with the old arcade games.
Age of Empires II HD 1 That, and the fact that verovatnoNećete get a group of guys standing behind you inaviva as you fight on the street

The Street Fighter 2 graphics look good, but no wallpaper, nosound brought PC version. Speed ​​in this adaptation of Street Fighter 2 was also significantly slower takočak and powerful computers.

To compensate for Street Fighter 2 includes all eight characters from the original game. Controls are customizableand you can choose between the game itself is a challenge mode arkadniilifriends to fight one-on-one.

zaold school Arcade Fighting games on the computer, he can not win Street Fighter 2.


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