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Rust Alpha 0

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Rust Alpha 0

Many of the most popular genres Rust gamings to a title is a first person action, survival and construction – all play out in the world of servers 300 is a beautiful looking game. Delight gamers looking for something different.

Construction great ofher

When you start a new game of rust, random points in the environment of the island you’re dropped big games. a stone lantern and equipped with two tires, you need to think quickly to survive the gray wild beasts online players, and otherdangersduzuzuk that surround you. Fortunately, your defense has some stones, raw materials (wood, stone, etc.) as you start collecting.

Minecraft is a concept we know all they know. Once you have collected enough material and facilities that producednew changing your environment, such as a house, where you can save when you die and restart the equipment can be built. But unlike Minecraft peace, ‘the rust bezmilosenDayZ items on your serverhopefully the players will stealyour human resources management. You can become friends with other jokalarizure join your adventures, but they are not equally likely to assault, theft of your home (using explosives to blow open the door) and left for dead.


Do not let yourself be fooled by rust build and customizations, this is where their similarities end Minecraft. find shelter, stay warm, eat, survive and the need for simplicity is crucial. Plus find waysto defense, armorYou will need to fend off the attacks and weapons. This rust is a big advantage, their growth and survival gisaGatazka more attention to long-term appeal of Minecraft tired of that offer.

Rust visuals are stunning form momentwhen you start, although you will need a powerful computer to really appreciate. But despite their technical quality, environment quickly becomes repetitive. Nemavarijacii islands, such as the cross, and large expanses of grassecology and quickly become boring rock.

creatingnew country

Rust is still in development, but already the new standard ezartzekogeneroa. survival, construction, and a solid mix of action, clean rust and set squarely in the sights of the ousting of Minecraft.

This version is still relatively limited number of items can be built thatin Note, though this is expected to grow rapidly evolving as rust.

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