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Overboard 2018

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Overboard 2018

Brentę focuses Leonardo (EUGENIO Derbez), Playboy empire, spoil, rich in Mexican rich family and Kate (Anna Faris), single-working women, employing three people to clean the Leonardos hunt. In addition to Kate and refusing to pay her, Leonardo decided to marry too much and wake up on the Oregon coast with discomfort. Kate appears in the hospital and, in order to receive payment, Leonardo convinces she is her husband and forced him to work. – For the first time in his life. In the first suffering insufficientLeonardo gradually came down. In the end, he is respected for his new family and colleagues. But for the family of billionaires, Leonardos is on their route and the possibility of his memory in each of them. Their new family will be over, or will Leonardo eventually collect the clues and make it go well?

Owners of wealthy yachts are thrown and become the targets of the prosecuted workers. Revival of the 1987 Comedy

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