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Midnight Sun 2018

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Midnight Sun 2018

A 17-year-old girl was hit by her condition that she could not leave the sun. According to the Japanese film, the 17th-century Midnight Sun Center of Katie has been preserved since childhood and is now at her home with a rare illness that even kills a small amount of sunshine. In many cases it interrupts when she meets Charlie and begins with romance of fire.

Midnight, according to the famous Japanese film, fought against Katie Price, 17, with a rare skin.hasaat home, just her father, Jack, to the company. But every day after dark, Katie went to the train station to play his music with his guitar. One evening, he met Charlie, a athlete who was a high school student, who thanked for years. She makes her secret to Charlie and all starts with romance Strong but painful.

Language: English

Theme: After

Note: NO

Date Announcement: March 29, 2018

Type: Romance

Time: no

Distributors: GSC Film

Exhibitions: BellaThorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle

Director: Scott Speer

Setting: 2D

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