Look Out Treatment And Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction is a term of the impotence and it is the sexual disorder. In the world, every year more than thousand men’s are affected by the erectile dysfunction. It is different from the other health condition and the impotence interferes with the male sexual function such as a lot of the sexual problems with the ejaculation release of fluid from the orgasm, penile curvature, penis, and others. Here you can read more about the medicine that you can take for the erektil dysfunktion source.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Today there is a wide range of the treatment for the erectile dysfunction such as endocrine treatment, peroral treatment, intracorporeal injection, transurethral injection and much more. These treatments help to cure the sexual disorder.

  • Endocrine treatment

The hormonal insufficient is impotence disorder and it is very easy to treat. In this type of the treatment every three months the patient needs to put injection and the gel is applied once daily. The value of testosterone is monitored for the possible adjustment.

  • Transurethral injection

The patient unable to respond the oral treatment and it is treated with the prostaglandin transurethral treatment. The heavy doses are required for this treatment and the user can combine the bondil through the PDE5-I. The medicine comes with the maximum cost protection for the patient with the various erectile dysfunctions.

  • Surgery treatment

Some of the patients require the penis implants and the surgical vessel reconstruction treatment. The treatment is due to the intracorporeal injections.

  • Intracorporeal injections

Nowadays, the prostaglandin E1 is only used for the intracorporeal injections. The patient injects this drug into the penis and first time the injection process should be done under the doctor supervision. at the time of the treatment at drugs dose, as needed and the neurogenic disorder patient require the less dose caverjet two to ten micrograms. The patient with vascular requires high dose caverjet ten to forty micrograms.

Medicine for erectile dysfunction

In the today market, there is a wide range of the medicines for the erektil dysfunktion source. You can consulate with your family doctor for taking medicine for erectile dysfunction. The doctor provides the best medical treatment and medicine for your situation. The various types of the medicines are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Muse, Spedra, and much more. So you can purchase the medicine depends on your medical treatment.

Viagra is one of the most common types of treatment for the erectile dysfunction and it contains sildenafil substance that stimulates the blood flow and also blood circulation. You can purchase this medicine in the online site without the doctor prescription.

Muse is another type of drugs and the drug alprostadil absorb into penis tissue. This drug cause blood vessels to expand that allow the space for the allow flow and it help penis to irritate. You can buy this drug in the online store and one of the main disadvantages of the Muse is that it is stored in the refrigerator.

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