How to prevent common sporting injuries

Keeping fit is key to an active life, and getting involved in sport is a great way to do just that. If you are involved with any form of sporting pursuit, however, then the risk of injury is something of which you need to be aware. Some injuries are more common than others, but luckily the ones that occur most often can be easily treated in most cases.

Which sporting injuries are most common?

Most injuries revolve around the various stresses placed on our joints and bodies when playing our chosen sport. Here are some of the most common injuries that you can pick up:

  • Shin splints – this common injury is mostly found with people who run or jog a lot in their sport or exercise routine. The muscles around the shin become inflamed and sore from overuse, which leads to pain when walking or running.

  • Sprains – another injury that many sportspeople suffer from is a sprain to parts of their body. In simple terms, this is caused by the ligaments in the affected area being stretched too much.

  • Strains – a muscle strain is another very common sporting injury and results from the muscle fibers getting pulled or strained too much when in use.

While these injuries are not overly serious in the long term if treated correctly, they can cause pain in the short term. They will also necessitate a break from any sporting activity to allow them to heal, which can have a mental effect in terms of not being able to exercise.

How to prevent and treat these common injuries

By taking steps such as those below, you will be able to avoid most injuries happening to you and not miss out on any time playing your favourite sport:

  • Use compression wear – a very popular piece of sporting equipment now is compression wear. It helps to gently support your body when exercising to avoid ailments such as shin splints. They are also great if you do feel sore after exercise as they will help the blood flow to the affected area. Copper fit socks do this job very well and will help to keep you in top shape.

  • Rest – one of the best pieces of advice in this area is the importance of rest. Proper rest in between playing sport will help you prevent injury in the first place as you will not be overexerting yourself. It is also a great treatment idea as it will give the injured area time to heal and get strong again.

  • Make sure to warm up – it is surprising that many people still fail to warm up properly before playing sport. Don’t make this mistake! Stretching fully all over before exercise will help avoid any strains or pulls as the muscles in your body will be ready to accept the load that you will be placing on it.

Use your head to avoid common injuries

Many of the most commonly seen sporting injuries can be easily avoided by preparing properly before playing and using the right equipment. Don’t take a chance with this as injuries can easily occur before you know it! If you have picked up a strain or tear, then rest really is the best answer and will see you back on the field again as strong as ever.

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