How to Convince Your Parent to Move to Assisted Living

There is no doubt, we all want to stay in our own homes for as long as possible, rather than moving to assisted living. Our ageing parents feel moving to assisted living could hurt their pride and we can’t blame them, but it’s in their best interest to do so when they find everyday tasks difficult.

It can be hard persuading them to make the all-important move. How do we tell them they need to move for the benefit of their health and wellbeing, without insulting them? No-one wants to grow old and there is the connotation that once you moved to assisted leaving, you are.

We need to convince our parents that moving to assisted living is a positive option. Everyone wants their own independence and moving to assisted living seems like it’s stepping away from that. Below are ways you can convince your parents that moving to assisted living is the best option for them.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to mention the idea to your parent or parents, but don’t approach them as if you’ve already made the decision for him or her. Think carefully how you are going to suggest it. Explain the different types of assisted living to your parent and let them know about the benefits.

Step 2: Offer to go and have a look at different care homes with your parent but don’t force the idea on him or her if they aren’t willing. If she or he doesn’t like the idea, drop the subject and bring it up another day to give your parent or parents time to think about it some more.

Step 3: Keep an eye out for the perfect moment to bring it up again. For example, if your parent fell over and hurt his or her self, you could use that as a springboard. Obviously not straight away but once your parent has recovered you can think about bringing up the conversation again and reassure them that there would also be someone there if it were to happen again if they were to move to assisted living.

Step 4: Ask your friends, family and friends of your parents if they know of any nearby assisted living centres that have good reviews. If your parent has a friend that is already in assisted living this could be a great place to go as they will already have a friend there so they’d feel more comfortable and less anxious about moving to a new home.

Step 5: If you encourage your parent to go and have a look and a residential home, ask the home if you both can go and have a tour while the residents are doing an activity such as playing cards. This will help to show off the social aspects of a good care home. Try and look at a few care homes if you can, so your parent or parents can make the decision of where she or he liked the look of the most and what was more convenient for your parent.

Step 6: Ask the care home about what of your parents own belongings they can bring to make them feel as homely as possible. One of the most difficult things has to be parting with your most prized possessions when moving into assisted living. Visualise what of your parents stuff can fit into the room that your parent would be staying in. Show excitement and encouragement as you help your parent move to assisted living. Help your parent to look it as a new chapter to his or her life.

Step 7: To help him or her make their final decision, you need to stress the safety aspects. Stress the fact of not having to deal with cleaning the house and gardening and other household aspects, so there will be no need to call the electrician if your parent has a power cut. Your parent will have the decision to be alone if she or he wants, and company whenever your parent needs it. Remember that there are different times of care such as care at home at the likes of

Step 8: Then all you have to do is wait for your parent to make the final decision.


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