How does Herpes affect your life?

Herpes, popularly known as Genital herpes, is caused due to Herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. HSV-1 is mostly known to cause oral herpes. A shocking fact is that 20% of adults in the USA have Genital herpes and nearly 80% of the population is unaware of it.

How does it enter your life?

There are three modes from where the infection is transmitted:

  1. HSV1: It is transmitted by oral contact with the infected person or having oral sex (mouth to Genitals contact) with the infected person.
  2. HSV2: Most commonly known as sexually transmitted disease. It spreads due to contact with infected secretions from the genitals as well as mouth.
  3. Pregnant mothers: It is rarely seen that a baby in the womb is infected by herpes. A baby generally gets the infection during delivery, when the baby comes in contact with genital secretions of the infected mother.

How does it affect your body?

After invasion, the virus enters the nerve at the site of primary infection, migrates to the cell body of the neuron and becomes latent in the ganglion. The virus remains dormant in the ganglia and results in to outbreaks when the immunity is suppressed. People with suppressed immunity such as AIDs patient or new-borns are highly susceptible to get the infections.

In Genital herpes, the outbreaks are in the form of blisters around the genitals which are red and fluid filled in character. It results in painful micturition or even painful defecation along with fever. While in oral herpes, you may get fever blisters or fluid filled blisters on mouth, lips and tongue. These oral outbreaks can make swallowing difficult and painful. These herpes blisters are also termed as ‘Cold sores’.

How does it affect your life?

Herpes is not a life threatening infection but it is a life-long condition which has no known cure. It may not affect your life when it is in dormant stage but it has a major impact on your life when you fall prey to recurrent outbreaks. It can make your sex life unpleasant and can bring painful conditions. Your day-to-day life gets disturbed and you may also experience periods of emotional turbulence in your life.

How can you get over it?

Knowing this ugly truth, you may get stressed out but you have to be patient enough to get over this situation. This condition can be controlled on taking proper care. Now you know that outbreaks occur when your immune system is compromised or in unhealthy condition. Thus, you have to work on getting back your immune system to optimal levels. You have to make necessary changes in your diet. Your diet should contain fruits, vegetables and other high sources of vitamins and necessary minerals. Also, proper sleep and exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system. There are many dietary supplements and Resonance Homeopathics which have shown significant promises in numerous studies to fight herpes. Most of these ingredients have been formulated into one easy-to-take kits.

Other measure includes avoiding sex. Let your partner know about the situation. Practice safe sex by using latex condoms correctly. Pregnant mothers can be treated so that they don’t have any outbreaks at the time of delivery or safest is having a C-section to avoid the transmission of infection to the baby. Always opt for natural herpes treatment options and stay safe.

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