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GIMP 2.8

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GIMP 2.8

GIMP free, open source tool that you create, and allows you to edit the images.

Gimp has been around for more than two decades and have been developed in the last year. noviGimp function value and the open source image editor for updating forward-looking amazing.


ezaugarriakGIMP prisutan.Možete Airbrushing for their instruments ,, penciling cloning and the creation of reasons. Advanced users can create their own brushes and patterns that can be used later. Gimp also allows usersprogram.Možete import the images into the crop, add text, size aldatzekoeta layers on top of each other. Even how to build your life.

A new addition

Gimp is now mnogimtueaks new applications that will allow access to the user interface update. Also, in response to the most is the ability to edit a single window. Previous versions of GIMP Drew kritikainterface mixes, but the developers are capable of addressing them in this new version. A single-modeAlthough, it is disappointing to see the side of the multiple programs.

Other amendments funkcijaUključuju simple text editing, and the use of layers included aldaketakIrudia pounds (GEGL) establishing a more sophisticated image processing. GEGL introduced a few years ago and now have developed a version of its way to use the consumer version. Gimp development version of GIMP GEGL GEGL solving skills using the key advantages of a move mesederakoondorioak and image depthtrapped.

And other information in its class GimpSada KSCF only format for storing documents. Users can also choose to, among other things, to store JPEG and PNG formats, but it must be “exported” to save it instead. This follows in the footsteps of Adobe Photoshop.

azkenGIMP is better than ever. This is a very large picture of the user experience on the development of serious and quick as a programmer.


For a complete list of changes is availablehere.

Gimp the following formats


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