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FIFA 18 Demo


FIFA 18 makes us feel indifferent. FIFA 18 has a great show

The game, but then he just can not look bad. Unfortunately,

Send “tolerance” is not enough. We have promised a revolution,But

All turns a simple step forward in connection with FIFA 17.

Is new in the example of what?

FIFA 18 has four funktsyy.
Novaya system of four new divisions make more freedom to pass the ball, involving Cristiano RonaldotelahAllows him to transfer skills and techniques of the game, some players behave how they do in real life, and as a cherry on the top, we have to avoid the different systems in general.

The sample version,All these innovations led to more physical and tactical gulniznachna than ever before. The most striking thing is how to repeat each player. For example,Kante Bakayoko and equal observation for Chelsea. One of the most obvious changes to the gameplay is no longer cukupuntuk one button to successfully survive. In addition, you will receiveSeriously punished, if you make a mistake of trying to restore the possession of the ball.

New problems adsutnichaeneshta that we got from FIFA 17 demo with the introduction of travel. Yes, FIFA 18 is very nice, tactical and very physical,But slightly different. Not revolutionary, which was initiated by EA sports and marketing processes. In addition, begitudengan sad to report that many of the issues with FIFA 17, such as the work ofAI is still not familiar and uncertain, as if EA did not even know about his life.

Other news

uFIFA 18 Ultimate Team If the full game is released you will have the meanings like Ronaldo Nazarov, Diego Maradona, Pele or RonaldhinoThere for you. FUT represents their at different times during their work, the logo in the world of football. Daily goals and added mingguanjuga

Travel back to a hunterprotagonist. In the course of the story we will have many star players to participate in action such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, James Hard … This company is currently a short perspective structure, you can set up Alex and even make the character very minor through a, which will open if you go along.

Photos, FIFA 18 has been significantly improved. Lebihrealistis his face, his more water movement and sports field with additional information. If you know soaking,In football gulnipravdivy, FIFA continues to give you what you need.


There is nothing impressive, nothing revolutionary, not only the value of the word in mind, whenever we think of the FIFA 18 example, in the perspective of good progress, howPES years and PES 2018 are no exception, “tolerance” is not enough. We assume that virtual penggemarsepak will be adchuvatstoe same.


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