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Realism at its best

Electronic Arts pushes FIFA 15 to make it as close to reality as possible. To achieve this, EAs have made many improvements that influence the game.

The new emotional engine allows players to respond realistically to field performance, whether they are in a good way or do not reach a goal. With over 600 animations that cover the range of emotions that you will face during a live ball, they can see, including anger or protest, FIFA 15wil mustYou think you’re in a real game.

AI has also enhanced the friends of the SVE team that responds better to game situations, responding tactically to the field with objectors.

FIFA 15 includes tools for training and the ability to change tactics, while strategies are streamlined to make it easier to use. A new feature is the ability to give each player a personal tacticsto on the field. For example, put a wide range of midfielder freedom as you press the opponent wearing itball.

During the games there are two new balancing methods: one for spraying and the other for a strategy decommissioning (the best use if you lose). The methods can be used during games and add to the existing five offenses: defense, defense, balanced, higher and superior crime.

UltimateTeam also brings interesting new features. You can create Concept Squads, get players play and play in the Friendly Way, and compete with your friends with your TeamUltimate in 1v1 games.

With the new Match Day Live focus, you can follow the news and results of your team.

In short, FIFA 15 is a place to play and follows a real football virtual tournament.


There is more accuracy when you dribble the ball, and now you have better control over the ball.

With the improvement of physics, ball control looks more fluid and realistic.

One-to-one during the defense is more intense, with more strategy to take the ball. If you hit, you cantry to close running, but you can quickly upload mistakes.

Goalkeepersalso has a new AI so they can respond more realistic to goal shots. This, together with additional animations, makes shootings an even more exciting goal.

Finally, there are also some good news for those who like to play a player: the game will prove your ability to play against the AI ​​and confirm the level of difficulty based on your skills. However, the problem is always changing throughinstallations.

enjoy the video

The new graphics engine adds an upgrading that is needed greatly on the FIFA 14 film.

The field has now been analyzed as the game continues, and players’ models show grass areas and places as the last minute approach.

More associated spectrum and add the necessary low realism. There are also new sound effects like the ball that pole thehit.

FIFA 15 now includes advertisements on the left as well as cameras and bales. The cutsin the game for the penalty shoot is excellent, and the replacement matches the quality you’ll see when watching a real game in the end.

Exciting and close to perfection

FIFA 15 shows the most innovative improvements to the FIFA series.

Thenew balfisika is one of the best features of FIFA 15, which adds a new fine to the game strategy. The new engine that burns the graphics and animations is impressive and adds to the reality of the game.

The stadiums have been completed, paying attentionto details never seen in any football match. On the field, responsiveness is a surprise compared to FIFA 14. The feeling of doing what you really want is unprecedented.

Improvements to the Ultimate Team offer more depth to this game mode, and you can even manage your Ultimate Team on mobile with the official EASPORTS FIFA 15 Companies program available for Android and iPhone.

Finally, FIFA 15 is the best football match we’ve seen. The brilliant quality is the quality of the versionPreviously, amazingly, in terms of graphics and game. Certainly, this is really necessary for any football fan.

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