Evaluating Your Professional Options for Dental Implant Care

Having a dental implant is one of your best options if ever you have a missing tooth. It is because dental implants will ensure the protection of your teeth and will not affect your adjacent teeth in the case of a delayed tooth. What sets dental implant apart from other tooth replacement options is that it feels and looks natural and performs just like your normal teeth. However, if you are thinking of having one, you should still evaluate your options on where, who, and how you are going to get your dental implant.

1.) Decide who is the best dental team that can do your dental implant

The dental team who will place implants are composed of dental surgical specialists, dental specialist surgeon, restorative dentist and a dental laboratory technician. The dental surgical specialist must be knowledgeable in implantology as well as dental surgery while the dental laboratory technician will be in charge of creating the crowns for your implants. Pittsburgh PA Dental Implants is one trusted dental team to perform such operations.

However, before you go to a dental team, you must have your case assessed through examination of your general health and most importantly, your dental health.

2.) Take an assessment to find whether you have adequate bone volume

Your bone volume will greatly affect how your dental implant will perform and look like. To have a stronger support for your dental implants, a bone graft can be done. In order to do this, a piece of your bone will be taken from any part of your body or your jaw, and it will be relocated to your jawbone. This will take months to heal and allow for a new bone to grow.

There are also dental techniques available which can help in adding more gingival gum tissues or even substitute them. Make sure that the surgeon who will be performing these surgery are highly skilled and experienced.

3.) Know where your implant will be placed

This is an important and a critical step to have before your dental implant. This will be done through a series of examinations using specialized radiographs and imaging technology. This is to ensure that none of your nerves will be affected by the procedure and that the existing teeth are properly aligned. The decision of where the dental implant will be placed must be decided by a surgeon who have already mastered surgical techniques.

4.) Know how your crowns will be placed

The crown of the implant will act as your natural tooth, both physically and functionally. The design of your crown will be done by an experienced dental laboratory technician and a prosthodontist.

The Bottom Line

In order to have a successful dental implant, it will take a lot of steps and your time. You should be patient with it. As much as possible, research about the procedure, so you will know what to expect. At the end of the day, you will be the one who’s going to benefit the most from the operation especially if you want to achieve that perfect and killer smile.

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