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Best FRIends Movie 2018

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Best FRIends Movie 2018

The dynamic duo of Tommy Uzaw and Greg Cestero again gathered for the dream of the Best F (r) iends project. Be one of the first to see their new movie as well as exclusive content that comes to the big screen only on March 30 and April 2! When an alien (Stestero) is taken by a strange cheater(Wiseau), they hatch an underground plant from the back of dead old habits. But greed, hatred and jealousy soon come in turn, and their efforts are revealed, which causes the driver to escape with the prey and leave the dead human.

The dynamic duo of Tommy Wizawa and Greg System Generator againfor a dream project – Best F (r) iends – Tom 2. Be one of the first to see the second part of his new movie as well as extra bonus content coming in on the big screen on June 1 and 4! As Sister Steters tries to do so, he is on an expedition in the southwestthe country where he meets wild and crazy heroes through a series of distorted and dark weaknesses. While his exaggeration taught him valuable precepts of illusion, Wiseaus mortician brings the story home with more than a few surprises.

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