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“Alphaila”… What is that?

Alphaila is the pursuit of human improvement/perfection in every form; working on the way you operate, the world around you, and everything in-between. Now, whether or not perfection can ever fully be reached isn’t the point… the point is that it can be fully pursued.

The word ‘Alphaila’ is a made-up cousin of the word ‘perfection’. Its thinking is without exact definition, but some example principles are:

  • Finding the actual purpose behind common behaviors before adopting them yourself.
  • Being skeptical of crowd-spawned ideas and norms, and creating your own when you feel trapped. Example: do you think public school is the worst thing that’s happening to your kids? Rather than accepting this with a sense of defeat, Alphailic thinking would suggest doing some research on homeschooling, “unschooling”, and other alternatives, then diving in. Next, when you run into the inevitable limitations of your new thing, you’d do your best to patch the holes yourself. (That may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how few people ever address systematic holes that they run into.)
  • Analyzing and weeding out flaw, wherever you can find it. For instance, many people go their entire lives engaging their families in “conversation-argument”. Even extremely normal ideas are often presented in an impatient, on-edge tone, sounding like they want to create conflict. On paper, this may sound easy to judge, but sometimes it’s because people simply can’t get those around them to do anything, if it doesn’t sound urgent. — So, both of those areas are prime spots for fixing… You just can’t let yourself reach the end of your days realizing you spent your entire life in a never-ending conflict.
  • Not immediately believing something just because it makes sense, when you know nothing about the alternatives. Alphailic thinking is very rational, and part of rational thinking is giving consideration to other possibilities before you go with something. Otherwise, people believe things merely on a first-come-first-serve basis; whatever arguments get to us first are believed first. The problem is that almost any belief out there has an angle from which it makes lots of sense, which is why it exists. For instance, every political party in the world has some angle from which it looks convincing… and yet we know that not every political party can be correct. (In short, it’s like this: If a treasure map shows three X’s, and you find the treasure on the first, you should still dig up the other two. Just because you’ve found treasure doesn’t mean you’ve found the big haul.)


Who is Dario D.?

Me, the clown that runs this site. <that link goes to my personal site.

Did one of the articles change from last time I saw it?

Could be! My articles are more like projects – never with any deadline or “done” point – so, whenever I think something could use an update, I update it.


How can I help out?

By submitting tips, ideas, new research studies, etc, via this page.

Can I advertise on this site?

Nope. :)

Can I advertise on this site if it makes you very rich?

Nope. :)


Can I post your articles and content around?

Yeah. You can redistribute and re-post any of my articles/images/etc freely, without asking. Yes, this means you can do full article re-posts on your blog/site, and you don’t need to get permission. Please just link back in some way (if even almost hidden), so that my search-engine pagerank can increase, allowing more people to find my stuff.

If you reuse text/images, I only ask that you keep them unchanged (except when translated, of course, or just edited for typos)… and, if it’s a public re-post/re-print, please make sure the actual author is mentioned somewhere: “Dario D.” (my actual last name is Dinatale, but I don’t go by it – pronunciation is a hassle – so, only use it if needed)…

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