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AnyDesk is a remote desktop application with an emphasis on fast speeds and ease of use. Its very small interface almost exclusively exists to connect to your desktop or home computer and focus on what you use for the software: to record the same encoding file of the same video and Perform all the steps you could, even if the computer you usually do at a distance of 30 miles.

The simple complex technology to use

vsyakyyrazWhen you enter the remote Kompyuters AnyDesk, screen browsers, click on its files and use the installed software, the result will be sent to you in real time as a video. This is a standard for remote desktop applications, but AnyDesk uses a dedicated DeskRT video cc that is dedicated to icoding a video interface. This means that it runs more smoothly and close to what you see on the computer. Combined with Rock-solet server technology, this means thatProvides anything Ultra-Shvydkostidlya Ultrafast AnyDesk that mensheihraya in video games, whatever you need during the day or at 3 o’clock during the night in a stormy holiday in the middle of large-scale Internet attacks.

Fast solution

In fact, if you appreciate the speed and convenience of the use, and reliability is also a big problem, this software is suited to you. Here there are a number of options, but most consumers should not lose their absence.

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