5 Signs That You Should See a Dentist Immediately

There are some dental problems that you might find difficult to ignore, such as a loose tooth or a severe toothache. Other than these issues, most people do not make an effort to visit the dentist, either because they don’t recognize the signs or they don’t think it’s a big problem. The truth is that you might be experiencing seemingly-minor issues that could eventually turn into something more serious. It’s important to understand the signs of these issues and see a dentist immediately before they can escalate. Here are some of the signs that you may need emergency dental care.

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1. Constant Headache

You might have never considered that the relentless pain in your head is caused by a dental issue. Interestingly, there are some dental problems such as excessive tooth decay and teeth grinding, which can result in headaches. If you have no history of migraines and can’t narrow down the cause of your headache, it might be a good idea to see the dentist right away.

2. Teeth Sensitivity

Another common issue that people often overlook is sensitive teeth, which is usually a sign of tooth decay. If your teeth have become increasingly sensitive to hot or cold, it’s time to book an appointment with the dentist.

3. Inflamed and/or Bleeding Gums

Your periodontal issues may also appear in the form of inflamed or bleeding gums. The two issues often occur simultaneously as they’re both caused by periodontal issues. Inflamed gums occur when plaque accumulates and hardens under your gum line. It is a common sign of conditions such as gingivitis.

You might also notice some bleeding in the gums when you floss or when you brush your teeth. Luckily for you, this means the issue is still at the early stages and can be corrected with a quick visit to the dentist. If, however, you leave your bleeding gums untreated for too long, the tissue can get damaged. This means your teeth will have no supporting structure and will loosen.

4. Persistent Bad Breath

Another sign that you need a visit to the dentist is when your bad breath just won’t disappear. You may have noticed that even after regular brushing and flossing, you can’t seem to get fresh breath. This could be a sign of gingivitis and needs immediate examination by an experienced dentist.

5. Constant Jaw Pain

Conditions such as TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) can leave a dull ache or a nagging pain in the jaws and need immediate medical attention. The pain may even be caused by a wisdom tooth or an extra tooth, which will need to be removed. Either way, it’s important that you see a dentist immediately if you experience constant jaw pain.

Other Reasons to See a Dentist

In addition to the five signs mentioned above, you may also need to visit the dentist when you experience issues such as mouth sores, dry mouth, or discoloration of the mouth. It’s also important to see your dentist if you can taste something metallic in your mouth on a consistent basis or if you notice white spots forming on your teeth.

These are some of the most common signs of dental issues you need to watch out for. Don’t hesitate to seek emergency dental care Indianapolis if you notice any of these symptoms. If you do, this could eventually lead to severe complications which will be much more costly and taxing on your health in the long run.

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